In today’s world of social media and IT we are quickly losing the ability to communicate effectively with each other.  Whether you are a student, a young professional, in retail or hospitality, a business owner, a teacher/leader, a performer or anyone who needs to connect and build relationships then communication is key to your success.  As parents we need to stay communicating with our children as  they traverse their pathway through life.  In this fantastic new class you will learn basic techniques and work on building confidence to develop relationships with those around you.  We will look into listening and responding, reading emotion and becoming comfortable with scenario’s and situations. 

Taylor Griffin is first and foremost an actor, a producer and a director; currently starring in Shortland Street.  He trained through Trinity Guildhall London and with Speech Board NZ.  Taylor will help you, through his own experiences as an actor, to develop the best communication skills you can.

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